PIA Requests - Rosters & Lists

Records Immediately Available

The following information, as applicable, on specific licensees is immediately available on the Board’s website at www.mbp.state.md.us/bpqapp (No written request is required):

  • Name of Licensee
  • License Number
  • License Issue Date
  • License Expiration Date
  • License Status (Active, Inactive, Expired, Probation, Surrendered, Suspension, Revoked, or Deceased)
  • Accepts Medicaid (yes or no)*
  • Maintain Malpractice Insurance (yes or no)--as of October 1, 2017*
  • Primary Practice Setting/Public Address
  • Educational Information of Licensee (Name(s) of any medical schools the licensee attended and graduated)*
  • Postgraduate Training Program/Area of Concentration*
  • Specialty Board Certification (Self-reported by licensee)*
  • Self-Designated Practice Area (Self-reported by licensee)*
  • Maryland Hospital Privilege Information (may self-report)*
  • Medical Licenses Held in Other States*
  • Summary of Known Disciplinary Actions by any State Medical Board (within the past 10 years)
  • Pending Charges with a Disclaimer
  • Consent Orders/Final Orders
  • Malpractice Judgments and Arbitration Awards (within the past 10 years)*
  • Summary of a Conviction of or Entry of a Plea of Guilty or Nolo Contendere by the Licensee for a Crime involving Moral Turpitude reported to the Board by the Court*

Public Information Act

Information about the Maryland Public Information Act, which is codified at Md. Code Ann., General Provisions §4-101, et seq., more information can be found on the Maryland Attorney General's webpage.

COVID Renewal Extensions

Non-Renewed Practitioners

Please keep in mind that practitioner data changes daily. For the most current information, please visit our Practitioner Profiles.