Notice of Failure to File Reports

Name Date
Western Maryland Health System, Inc. 04/23/2020

Final Orders for Failure to File Reports

Name Date
Univeristy of Maryland Medical System Fine of $1,000.00 Satisfied. 09/24/2020
Holy Cross Health Fine of $500.00 Satisfied. 08/10/2020
RadAmerica II, L.L.C. Fine of $500.00 satisfied. 07/30/2020
Pivot Physical Therapy Fine of $500.00 satisfied. 07/27/2020
University of Maryland Medical System Civil Penalty of $1,000.00. 07/27/2020
Pivot Physical Therapy Civil fine of $500.00. 07/13/2020
Holy Cross Health Civil fine of $500.00. 07/13/2020
RadAmerica II, L.L.C. Civil Penalty of $500.00. 07/06/2020
Univ. of MD Medical System Capital Region Health Civil penalty of $500.00. 06/17/2020
Advanced Radiology, P.A. Fine of $500.00 satisfied. 05/01/2020
Advanced Radiology, P.A. Civil fine of $500.00 03/30/2020
People Encouraging People, Inc. Fine of $2,500 Satisfied 03/04/2020
People Encouraging People, Inc. Civil fine of $2,500 02/24/2020
Medstar Good Samaritan Hospital Fine of $500 paid. 06/04/2018
Medstar Good Samaritan Hospital Civil Fine of $500. 05/16/2018
University of Maryland Medical Center Terms and Conditions Satisfied. 03/08/2018
University of Maryland Medical Center Civil Fine of $6,000. 02/01/2018